Why It's Much Easier To Visit A Motorcycle Paint Shop Than To Do It Yourself

Posted on: 1 April 2022

If you want to change the color of your motorcycle, two options you have are to turn to a motorcycle paint shop or to create your own motorcycle paint booth. Creating your own paint booth could give you control over your motorcycle paint job, but there are many reasons why this decision might backfire.

Inspecting Your Motorcycle

Prior to having your motorcycle painted, you should inspect it to make sure that there is no damage. Otherwise, the paint might be sprayed inside a fuel or oil tank.

Preparing Your Work Site

If you are going to paint your motorcycle yourself, you will need to have a location in which to do so. For example, you might choose to paint your motorcycle in your garage. Then, you'll need to cover the walls and floor with plastic sheets to protect them from paint splatter.

Following Safety Precautions

By painting your motorcycle yourself, you might expose yourself to hazards such as paint fumes. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the room in which you are painting the motorcycle is ventilated. Also, you'll need to worry about your light fixtures and will want to cover them to protect them from the paint.

Using a Paint Shop

There are several shops that specialize in motorcycles and will be able to give your motorcycle the best paint job possible. You will be able to look at the paint jobs that the motorcycle business has done up to this point and you'll be able to assess whether you want to choose to do business with them. 

The custom motorcycle paint shop will have the equipment that is necessary to effectively paint your motorcycle. You will not have to worry about having the latest equipment that will produce the best result. A paint shop will need paint guns, an air compressor, and several other tools. The shop will need more than one paint gun because one will be used for the primer and the other will be used for the base coat.

Taking Advantage of a Motorcycle Paint Shop Warranty

Many motorcycle paint shops will provide a warranty so that you are able to have your paint job redone if you are not happy with the results of the original paint job. Meanwhile, if you have your motorcycle painted yourself, you will solve any defects in the paint job yourself. The only thing you'll have to ask yourself is whether you're satisfied with your custom motorcycle paint job. A company like PEA Motorcycle Art has more information.