Repairs Your Vehicle May Need After A Collision

Posted on: 28 December 2021

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, there are many types of damage that it may experience. While insurance will often pay for the required repairs, often individuals are unfamiliar with the full range of issues that their vehicle may have as a result of collision damage.

Frame And Alignment Problems

The forces that are generated during an auto collision can be extreme. Not surprisingly, it is common for vehicles to suffer damage to the frame or to develop alignment issues following a major collision. Luckily, many modern vehicles have frames that are designed to be repaired after being warped or damaged during a collision. This is often done by either cutting out and replacing the damaged section of the frame or using powerful tools to bend the frame back into the correct position.

Dents And Paint Scratches

Exterior body damage is one of the the more visible types of damage that can occur after a collision. If your vehicle was fortunate enough to mostly suffer scratches after a collision, it is still important to have repairs done before rust can form. If your vehicle's exterior was dented by the collision, there are a couple of convenient repair options available. Body filler is an excellent option when the dents to the exterior body panels are large or deep. Shallow dents can often be repaired with paintless dent removal options, which may be both faster and more affordable than using body filler. Paintless dent removal is particularly useful after a vehicle has suffered hail damage, since hail can often result in widespread shallow dents to the exterior of the vehicle.

Shattered Or Cracked Glass

Depending on the type and severity of the collision damage that your vehicle suffered, it may have also suffered glass damage. More specifically, a window might have shattered or a large crack could develop. Due to these issues, it is common for cars to need to have one or more panes of glass replaced following a collision. Impacts to the doors of the vehicle are especially likely to cause glass damage. Unfortunately, the cracks that these impacts can create in the glass can rarely be repaired because they are usually extremely deep, which means that replacing the entire pane of glass may be the only option to restore the vehicle after it has suffered this particular type of collision damage.

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