Three Things To Consider When Scheduling Car Detailing

Posted on: 8 February 2021

Detailing can make your car feel like new again. Unfortunately, most car owners don't have the time, equipment, or skills for a proper detailing, but the right detailer can get the job done.

1) Mobile Vs. Garage

Car detailers tend to operate in one of two ways — mobile or from a garage. A mobile detailer comes to you, which can be useful since a full detailing session can take several hours to complete. With a mobile detailer, they can come and detail your car while you are at work or otherwise unable to take the car in yourself. Mobile detailers provide their own tools, but they may require access to water or an electrical outlet in order to use their equipment.

A detailer that operates from a garage means you must take in your car and drop it off. If transportation is an issue, you will need to choose a detailer that provides a courtesy car or shuttle service. The main benefit of a garage is that they can usually offer more services, such as full exterior car washes, and they may have more detailers working on the car so the job can be completed more quickly.

2) Type of Packages Available

Every detailer offers different packages, but the two most common are interior and exterior detailing. At a minimum, interior detailing should include full dust and grime removal, mold removal, vacuuming and leather conditioning, plastic and vinyl treatments, and full surface wipe downs. Glass cleaning and other services may also be part of this package.

Exterior detailing includes cleaning and polishing trim. Tires are cleaned and treated, and the rims are also cleaned and polished so they are shiny and glossy. The exterior of the car is washed and fully waxed. Light housings are usually cleaned, inside and out, and polished to a high shine.

3) Additional Service Options

The types of additional or optional services also shouldn't be overlooked. For example, if your interior upholstery is badly soiled, choose a detailer that also provides stain removal and upholstery shampooing. There are also detailers that provide cleaning and minor repairs for headliners.

On the exterior, you may want a detailer that does minor scratch and ding repair, especially if there is some obvious damage to the car. Other exterior options often provided by detailing services include headlight reconditioning and wiper blade replacements. If there is a service you would like, ask the detailer if they are able to provide it.

Contact a car detailing service for more help.