Why Paintless Dent Removal Is A Great Option

Posted on: 14 July 2020

Most people like having a flawless-looking car. Nobody wants scratches or dents on the body of their vehicle, even small ones. It can be pricey to have a vehicle's auto body repaired, especially if you have to remove dents and have it repainted. The good news is that you don't always have to get your car repainted if you have a dent. Some dents can be removed without causing damage to the paint or needing new paint to be applied. There are a few reasons this is a great option for car owners with small or large dents.

Exact Dent Analysis with New Technology

One of the ways paintless dent repair is accomplished with precision is with the help of lasers. Many auto body mechanics now use new laser scanners that have technology that scans and maps the surface of your car. An image is produced in a software program that pinpoints where any dents are located and their exact dimensions. With some hail damage, a dent can be so small it is hard to see, but the laser can find the small indentation on the metal of your vehicle. This helps the auto body mechanic use the right tool to pop out each dent, either from the inside or the outside, and then the vehicle can be measured again to ensure a dent has been completely fixed. With the precise tool or angle used for each dent, it's less likely additional damage will happen or any paint cracking will occur.

Preserve the Original Paint Job

It's not always easy to paint one or two panels on a vehicle. If you have to have your door panel replaced, it may not look exactly the same as the rest of the car once it is painted. This is why so many people go with the paintless repair. It keeps the integrity of your vehicle's original paint job. Because most paintless dent removal is considered a minor repair, it won't have to be reported as an accident repair or major damage repair on your vehicle history. This will ensure your vehicle isn't difficult to sell when the time comes.

It doesn't matter if you have a few minor dents and scratches from having a car for a while or if you have just been through a major hailstorm, you can save money with paintless dent repair. With the new technology used to find all the dents and remove them carefully with exact precision, there is no need to worry about the damage being reported on a history report for your car that buyers might see. This makes it worth checking out any auto body shop that has this repair option.