3 Things That Should Be Done When Having Your Vehicle's Windshield Repaired

Posted on: 9 January 2020

Are you getting ready to have your vehicle's windshield repaired? Here are a few things you should do in addition to making a repair appointment:

Secure Alternative Transportation

Even if you expect to get your vehicle back from the windshield repair shop on the same day that you drop it off, it's a good idea to make some alternative transportation plans to ensure that you won't get stuck at home or at work when you need to be somewhere else. You may not even need to use your alternative transportation options, but you'll be happy to have those options to rely on if it ends up taking longer to repair your windshield than expected or you end up having to travel due to an emergency of some kind while repairs are being made.

The repair shop may offer shuttle services to take advantage of, and they may even be willing to lend you a vehicle while yours is being worked on. If not, you can ask a friend or family member to be on-call for the day in case you need a ride before your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Once your windshield has been repaired, there are a few things you can do to help protect the windshield from future damage so you don't end up having to spend money on more repairs again in the future. Creating a preventative maintenance plan now will ensure that you're prepared as soon as you get your vehicle back from the windshield repair shop. Start by making a list of things to do that will protect your windshield, including the following:

  • Utilizing a car cover whenever your vehicle is parked

  • Inspecting your windshield every day

  • Taking care to park away from streets and ballparks when possible to reduce the possibility of windshield damage in the first place

Ask your windshield repair technician for preventative recommendations that can be added to your personal to-do list.

Inquire About Warranty Options

You can save yourself some money on future windshield repairs by investing in a warranty that will cover repairs if damage occurs again in the future. Your repair technician may offer warranties for purchase that will cover your repaired windshield in the coming years, depending on the age and condition of the windshield. Your auto or homeowners insurance company may also offer policies that will cover your vehicle's windshield as time goes on.

Talk to all of your service providers about warranty coverage while your windshield is being repaired so you can compare your options and get your coverage started by the time your vehicle is ready to be picked up from the repair shop. You can reach out to your local auto windshield repair company for more information.