Car Care Tips For Back To School Season

Posted on: 21 July 2018

As a parent or guardian of a school-aged child, you undoubtedly have enough to do, but you should also throw some extra car care tips onto your list of back to school to-dos. There are a number of reasons why these tips may prove to be important, so you should take them seriously.

Make sure all of the seatbelts work properly and can be accessed right away

If you don't use all of the seatbelts in your car regularly, then you may not know that one or more of them are not working properly for some reason. You may also have one or two of them tucked behind the seat and not even realize it until you have extra kids getting in the car and you suddenly can't find enough seatbelts for everyone. For these reasons, you want to check all the seatbelts and, if you find any issues with them, have them taken care of right away.

Check everything on the car that is a part of your own personal car maintenance routine

Along with checking the fluids to make sure the car won't have issues, you also want to use the time to have someone help you to check everything else like your lights, blinkers, electric windows, and other things. When you are going to have kids in your car, you want to be sure you are driving in the safest car possible and decrease your chances of getting pulled over while you have a bunch of kids in the car.

Have collision damage repaired

Obviously, if you have collision repair that needs to be done on your car for safety reasons, then it should be tended to before anyone rides in the car, including yourself. However, if you just have some unsightly damage, then it can wait a bit. However, you should consider having it taken care of before the kids go back to school, especially if you are going to be giving them rides to and from school or if you will even be driving their friends around. Otherwise, you may find they are extremely embarrassed to be seen getting in and out of the car or inviting their friends to go places with you in your car. You can't really blame them; kids at school will find anything to pick on, and driving in a car with a lot of damage can make them an easy target.